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Live in the depth oh Africa

Let yourself be seduced in the calm daily life of the Sahara.
Climb on the camels’ backs, have a tea with the Tuaregs, the knights in Shining Armour of the desert.
Explore the enormous Falesia of Bandiagara and you will discover the mystery of scientific and astrological knowledge of the Dogones.
Visit the multicoloured markets to comprehend the traditions and the cultures of Africa, the origin of its art, its masks, its dances….. Enjoy a magnificent and romantic sunset on the Niger River, that together with the wonderful landscape will make this moment unforgettable.
Walk on the same paths of adventurers and you will discover historical monuments declared the inheritance of Humanity, you will discover a rich and exciting story full of traditions.
Mixed with the African population, open and welcoming, with an extraordinary culture that has amazed the first European explorers.
Observe the Lobi architecture, their rituals and traditions, most highly preserved in all west Africa.
Time goes by with the Senufos, great craftsmen born in the Ivory Coast, whose specialized work still goes on among themselves.
Fully enter the African spirit, the same that famous artist and musicians met during their journey to Africa.

Live an unforgettable and unique experience!!!!!