8 days Burkina Faso (extension to Arly Park 12 days) + travel
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Burkina Faso Burkina Faso “the honest men’s motherland”, is an example of the cultural Africa, where more than 60 ethnics groups lives from North to South, from East to west. A country where time seems to stand still and where hospitality and joy are he main aspects of life.
The Savannah landscapes, with acacia, baobab and karitè woods, and Burkina Faso’s National Parks are not so well-known even if here we can find elephants, wart-hogs, gazelle, monkeys, lions, many species of bird....but over all Burkina Faso offers to us a sight of a well preserved Africa.

Day 1: Ouagadougou
Arrival at Ouagadougou . Transfer to the hotel for food and rest.

Day 2: Ouaga /Gaoua
Leaving in the morning to he Lobi land. Short rest in Sabou to take a look to th sacred crocodiles. Arrivals at Gaoua in the early evening. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Gaoua/Banfora
Visit to the Poni Museum to understand their complex social organizations. Visit to the famous buildings known as “sukalas”, fortress houses, to the Cian land and short rest among the ruins of Loropeni. Prosecutions as far as Banfora, a true paradise city. Dinner and overight stay.

Day 4: Banfora/Bobo
During the morning visit to the “domes” mountains and to Karafiguela fall, crossing rice and sugar cane plantations. In the afternoon prosecution as far as Bobo Dioulasso, the most musical city of western Africa. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5: Bobo
Visiti to the typical villages where Bobo peole live: Koumi and Koro. Visti to the city, the market and the mosque. In the evening: musical show with tam-tam rhythm and many other local instruments. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6: Bobo/Satiri/Ouahigouya
In the early morning leaving to Satiri hippopotamus’ lake. Trip on the lake and prosecution to Mossi reign. Visit to Naba Kongo royal palace. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Ouahigouya/Gorom Gorom
Leaving in the mornig to the brisket and most coloured weekly market in western Africa where about he 90% of Burkina Faso’s ethnic groups and foreign ones, like Dioula and Bambara from Mali, meet each other.

Day 8: Gorom Gorom/Ouaga
Leaving in the morning to the “honest men’s capital” with an extraordinary rest in Bani to see the cone-shaped mosques built on the hill. Coming back in the late evening. Overnight stay.


Day 9: Ouaga/Fada N’gourma/Arly
Leaving in the morning t a region of Burkina Faso where we can find the most interesting animals of the country. In the afternoon short tour in the park. Dinner and overnight stay in the park lodge (air-conditioned rooms).

Day 10: Park
Day completely dedicated to a tour in the park to visit the wood and to take pictures of the big animals of Western Africa during a photographic safari: antelopes, elephants, lions, buffalos, wart-hogs.....
Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 11: Arly/Ouaga
Prosecution of the tour and leaving in the afternoon toOuaga. During the tour: visit to the different villages in this region, peculiar for the architecture, to understand Burkina’s way of living.
Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 12: Ouaga
Visit to the city, to the big mrket and the handicraft centre. Free time in the afternoon for shopping. During the night: transfer to the airport.